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The Scheme


Based on well-structured assessment and licensing procedures, Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme (“the Scheme”) introduces a unified identity system for the winners of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards and Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards (“the Awards”). As a mechanism to enhance the reviewing process and continuing development of the Awards, the Scheme aims to recognise the sustainable achievement of local companies in brand building and to promote the profile of Hong Kong brands.


The Scheme is organised by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (the Organiser). It is administered by the Hong Kong Top Brand Assessment Board (the Board) under the Hong Kong Brand Development Council. Meanwhile, a Technical Advisory Committee with wide representation of experts has been formed to provide advisory and technical support.


After successful completion of due registration and review process, a qualified organisation (licensee) who by legitimacy should be a winner of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards or Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, would be conferred a licence and entitled to use Hong Kong Top Brand Mark (Top Mark) for the promotion of its company, brand and products/services within the scope of licence. Applicants for the Awards could proceed to pre-registration with the Scheme when entering into the competition, while the licence will be issued after the award result has been confirmed.

The Mark and Scope of Licence

  1. Top Mark is the distinctive visual symbol of the Awards and the Scheme. At the same time, the Mark is a cachet to recognise and advocate the achievements of a brand and the products/services thereof.
  2. For licensees who are awardees of Hong Kong Top Brand (formerly Hong Kong Top Ten Brand Name), Hong Kong Premier Brand (formerly Hong Kong Top Ten Brand Names Awards – Honorary Award), Hong Kong Top Service Brand, and Hong Kong Premier Service Brand, they are entitled to, within the validity period, use the Mark for business promotion in connection to the company, the winning brand, and product/service categories that have been certified by the Scheme, such as appearing on product packaging (applicable to Hong Kong Top Brand and Hong Kong Premier Brand only), operating location, catalogue, advertisement, letterhead, and in all other forms of printed, electronic, and written communications. They could apply for renewal of the licence subject to a yearly re-assessment.

Assessment Criteria and Procedure

Based on the Judging Criteria of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards, the Scheme is to continually evaluate the performance of registered brands, in respect of Reputation, Distinctiveness, Innovation, Quality, Image, and Environmental Performance, Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance. In particular, special emphasis is placed on the products/services to be included in the scope of licence.
For every product or service category to be accredited, the Organiser regularly conduct On-site Assessment mainly through perusing and verifying information submitted by the applicant, interviewing management, visiting major operating locations, inspecting production lines or service sites. After reviewing the information submitted by the applicant and the On-site Assessment Report, the Board decides on the issuance or yearly renewal of the licence.

Application Procedure

  1. An applicant should fill in Hong Kong Top Brand Continuing Development Assessment Form (for past winners of the Awards) or Entry Form (for Award entrants) and submit it to the Organiser, together with Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Registration/Pre-registration Form and supplementary information.
  2. The Organiser dispatches assessment team to conduct on-site assessment.
  3. The Board should review and decide on the conferment of licence with a validity period of 1 year.
  4. Licensees should submit the Hong Kong Top Brand Continuing Development Assessment Form and Registration / Pre-registration Form to apply for renewal at least 2 months before the expiry of licence.
  5. The Organiser should process the licence renewal according to aforementioned Step 2 to Step 3.