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The Scheme


The Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme (the Scheme) introduces a unified visual identity system to represent the geographic origin of goods produced within the territory of Hong Kong, with the objective of raising the profile of Hong Kong products, enhancing their value-added attributes, and promoting "Made in Hong Kong" as an internationally-recognized location brand that symbolizes high quality, outstanding performance and superior reputation.


It is much common that geographic origin could give rise to a labeling effect, endowing products that derive from a certain location with some special quality some special quality, reputation or other characteristics. With the rapid growth of export trade, Hong Kong has been held in high regard internationally as a place capable of manufacturing trendy, high quality, and value-for-money goods with excellent after-sales services. Indeed, there is a growing trend that Hong Kong manufacturers and traders deliberately employ labels, signs or texts on their products or the packaging and promotional materials thereof to highlight the Hong Kong origin of such goods.

Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme promotes a unified geographical indication to identify a product as originating from Hong Kong and introduces a third-party endorsement mechanism, using a simple but well-structured licensing arrangement in compliance with Hong Kong's existing Certificates of Origin (CO) regime.


The Scheme is organised by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (the BDC) and administered by a Steering Committee under the BDC. Routine operation of the Scheme is carried out by the Issuing Organisations approved by the BDC, e.g. the Certification Service Center of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong.


For goods manufactured or developed in Hong Kong, the producer or trader can apply for a Made in Hong Kong Mark License (License) if and only if it holds a valid certificate of Hong Kong origin issued by a recognized body in Hong Kong. After successful completion of due registration and review process, a qualified applicant will be issued a License and granted the right to use the Made in Hong Kong Mark (HK Mark) to indicate or promote the Hong Kong origin of the goods within the Scope of the License.

The Mark and Scope of License

  1. HK Mark is the distinctive visual symbol for the Scheme. At the same time, it is a geographic indication for identifying goods that originate from Hong Kong and by implication share some special characteristics attributable to the territory.
  2. Licensees are entitled to, in accordance with the "Guideline on the Use of Made in Hong Kong Mark," use the Mark for indicating the Hong Kong origin status of the consignments specified on the License, such as appearing on product packaging, manual, catalogue, and promotional materials, as well as in all other forms of printed, electronic, written and verbal communications.

Licensing Criteria

  1. Any goods to bear or use the Mark should be of Hong Kong origin, and have been so certified by a Government-approved CO certification body or an organisation recognized by the Organiser. Government-approved certification bodies include the Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR Government or one of the five Government Approved Certification Organisations (GACOs), namely, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, and Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong.
  2. The Made in Hong Kong Mark License is issued squarely on the basis of underlying certificate of Hong Kong origin. Documents in support of a License include ordinary Certificate of Hong Kong Origin (CHKO), Certificate of Origin-CEPA (CO(CEPA)), and Document of Hong Kong Origin-Domestic Sales (DO) or equivalents that are issued specially for goods destined for Hong Kong's local market.
  3. The applicant should file application by each consignment or pursuant to the quantification methods specified by the Organiser or Issuing Organisations. After reviewing and verifying the information submitted by the applicant, the Issuing Organisation will decide on the issue of a one-off License according to the "Regulations Governing the Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme".

Application Procedure

  1. The Applicant should apply to the Issuing Organisation for a License in regard to the goods for which it has obtained a valid certificate of Hong Kong origin.
  2. The Applicant should fill in "Made in Hong Kong Mark License Application Form" and submitted it together with a duplicate copy or photocopy of the certificate of origin to the Issuing Organisation. Applicants should also fill the "Applicant's Information From" when submitting the first application.
  3. The Issuing Organisation review and verify the information submitted. Whenever necessary, the Issuing Organisation may require the applicant to produce the original copy of the Certificate of Origin or make enquiry with related organizations; and it has the right to conduct On-site Assessment, mainly through information validation, interview with the management, inspection of production line, and check on the related documents like production records, invoice, bill of lading, etc.
  4. The Issuing Organisation decides on the conferment of the License after all the required information has been received, and the verification and review procedure been completed.

Steering Committee

  1. Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme Steering Committee is set up to advise on issues related to the licensing system and the administration of Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme; to handle the selection, authorization and supervision of the Scheme's Issuing Organisations, and to promote Hong Kong's location brand and the overall image of Hong Kong products.


CMA CO Service Center

Address: 1/F., CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel.: 2542 8613
Fax: 2544 2406


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