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Scope of Activities

The Council has set itself the task of becoming a flagship to lead the way in Hong Kong's brand development, being a driver for the pursuit of an overall strategy, a facilitator for the formulation and implementation of related policies, and a coordinator for the branding efforts of local organisations. The Council has been playing an active role in every key area:

  1. Advise and assist the Government in formulating and implementing policies related to brand development.
  2. Host the "Hong Kong Distinguished Brand Leader Award", "Hong Kong Top Brand Awards" , "Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards", "Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards" and "Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards" and provide assistance to other brand competitions or prizes, in an attempt to identify role models and set up best-practice benchmark in branding.
  3. Organise the "Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme", "Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme" and "Hong Kong Brand i-Directory" Registration System, which, as the first of their kinds, have blazed the trail of brand-related certification based on well-structured assessment and licensing systems.
  4. Participate in various exhibitions, product showcases, and other promotional events, so as to enhance the profile of Hong Kong brands in domestic, Mainland and overseas markets.
  5. Stage "Hong Kong Brand Festival" promotional activities and "Brand Greater Bay" Project in various cities in Mainland, in an attempt to assist Hong Kong companies in tapping into the vast domestic market.
  6. Organise "SME Branding Club" and a number of training, research, study and exchange programmes to foster brand-building culture among the industries.
  7. Implement education campaigns to step up brand awareness among the public and cultivate an environment conducive to brand development.

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