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Licensing Mechanism

Guideline on the Use of Hong Kong Top Brand Mark

  1. The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark (“Top Mark”) is a cachet to recognise and advocate the achievements of a brand and the products or services under it, in respect of reputation, distinctiveness, innovation, quality, image, and environment performance. At the same time, the Mark is the distinctive visual symbol of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards (formerly Hong Kong Top Ten Brand names Awards), Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, and Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme. Top Mark is applied to all official occasions/activities related to the Awards and the Scheme, and it can also be used by the holders of Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Licence, who by legitimacy should be the winners of the two Awards.

  2. The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark and the Licence are the property of the Organiser, i.e., the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (“the CMA”) and Hong Kong Brand Development Council. The Organiser has full control over the licensing, use and display of the Mark.

  3. Organisations authorised to use the Mark shall ensure that it is used in compliance with the regulation and requirements laid down in the “Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Regulations” and “Terms and Conditions” of the Awards.

  4. For Licensees who are awardees of Emerging Brand, Emerging Service Brand, The Most Popular Brand On-line or The Most Popular Service Brand On-line, they are entitled to use Top Mark for promoting the overall image of the winning company and brand within one year, provided that the full title of the award is duly indicated. Such companies are not permitted to use the Mark for the purpose of promoting a specified product/service and the Licences will not be renewed upon expiration.

  5. Hong Kong Top Brand Mark comprises Premier Mark and Ordinary Mark. The former is exclusively used by licensees awarded Hong Kong Premier Brand or Hong Kong Premier Service Brand, while the later is applicable to licensees under Awardees of other categories/levels. Nevertheless, Premier Mark licensees have the right to use ordinary Mark if appropriate.

  6. The Mark must be used in the specified colors. It could be used in combination with the text of award title on the condition that the award title is presented accurately and in the specified format. The standard scheme, technical specifications of drawing and the text format of the Mark are attached in the “Identity Guide for Hong Kong Top Brand Mark.”

  7. The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark can be enlarged or reduced with its aspect ratios and color scheme remaining unchanged. And it may appear in any size provided it is not less than 5mm in height. Where limitations of space or other circumstances prevent the use of the Mark in the minimum size or in standard color, request to use the Mark of smaller dimension or a special color will be considered by the Organiser on a case-by-case basis. 

  8. All special-purpose goods in connection to the Mark, such as badge, souvenir, counterfeit laser label, sticker, tent card or other display items, should be exclusively produced, distributed and managed by the Organiser on a cost-recovery basis.

  9. The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark could be combined with the marking details that include the name and trademark of the company and the brand, Licence Number, and the name of the Organiser; and should be placed adjacent to and in a smaller size than the Mark as far as possible.

  10. Holders of the Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Licence may use wordings to indicate/interpret the Mark in textual or verbal contexts, provided that the full name of the Organiser or the short form, the grade of the Mark, and the scope of its application are well articulated. Some examples to illustrate the proper use of the Mark are included in the “Suggested Uses of Hong Kong Top Brand Mark in Literature”; other wordings may be used provided that it is first submitted to consult with the Organiser.

  11. The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark should be applied is such a way that is decent, clear, legible, reliable and easily visible.

  12. This Guideline is subject to the final ruling of and may from time to time be altered by the Organiser. The Organiser has the right to take disciplinary actions against any breach of these regulations.