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Functions of Committee

  • Organise Hong Kong Top Brand Awards, Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards, Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards, Hong Kong Distinguished Brand Leader Award and other brand-related recognition programs;
  • Manage the Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme to establish a brand accreditation system;
  • Exercise monitoring over and provide after-care for the awardees and registered organisations;
  • Protect the overall image of Hong Kong brands and enhance the brand-building capability of Hong Kong industries.

Members of Hong Kong Top Brand Assessment Board

Chairmen Mr Calvin K W Chan, MH
    Dr Ma Kai Yum Warren
Vice Chairmen Mr Robert P K Lok
    Dr Ellis W H Wong
Members Mr Ng Ching Wun
    Mr Warren Y L Sun
    Mr Leung Siu Yin, Jackson
    Mr Yu Lee Ming, Michael
    Ms Candy M S Ngan
    Mr Shea King Fung, Kevin
    Mr Thomas Leung
    Mr Desmond Wong
    Mr Howard Wong
    Mr Chang Chi Yin, Spande

Functions of Committee

  • Advise on Provide guidance on the evaluation standards of "Brand Election", "Hong Kong ESG Awards", etc.) and the technical arrangements for certification programs such as "Hong Kong Brand Logo Scheme", "Hong Kong Made Logo Scheme", "Hong Kong Brand Directory", "ESG Charter Scheme" ;      
  • Enhance the communications and cooperation between the Council and academics, professionals and other sectors;
  • Provide assistance to the implementation of research, training, and consultancy programs.

Members of Technical Advosory Comittee

Chairman Mr Robert P K Lok
Members Mrs Annie Yau Tse, Chairman, Hong Kong Retail Management Association 
  Mr LAI Cheuk-pun, President, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business Ltd.
  Mr Addy WONG Wai-hung, Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association 
  Mrs Mui Kinoshita, Chairman, Hong Kong Designers Association
  Dr Luk Ting Kwong, Professor of Marketing, Emlyon Business School
  Prof Wu LIU, Professor and Head, Department of Management & Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Mr Jeffrey Chu, Vice Chairman, Digital Transformation Allianc
  Mr Joseph S W Chow, Honorary Legal Advisor, Hong Kong Brand Development Council
  Mr Anthony Tong, Honorary Legal Advisor, Hong Kong Brand Development Council
  Mr Dominic Lam, Acting Chief Executive Officer / General Manager of Operations, CMA Testing Certification Laboratories
  Mr K.T. Ting, Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Services Development, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

Functions of Committee

  • Raise public awareness of branding;
  • Facilitate Hong Kong brands’ development in domestic, Mainland and oversea markets;
  • Promote the objective and activities of the Council to boost its publicity.

Members of Promotion and International Affairs Committee

Chairman: Mr Ng Ching Wun
Advisors Mr Calvin K W Chan
  Dr Ma Kai Yum
  Mr Robert P K Lok
  Dr Ellis W H Wong
  Mr Warren Y L Sun
  Mr Charles C C Ng
Members Mr Victor K C Lam, JP
  Mr Tsoi Shing Wai
  Mr Lau Chi Wing
  Mr Vincent S K Leung
  Ms Juliana L Y Yu
  Dr Ken W K Ho
  Ms Rose L F Ko
  Mr Kevin Ng
  Mr Tang Lap Pun, Harry
  Mr Lui Lok Wai
  Mr Tsang Wai
  Mr Winston Yeung

Functions of Finance Committee

  • Advise on and monitor the financial affairs of Hong Kong Brand Development Council;
  • Study on the strategies for improving the Council's financial soundness in the long run.

Members of Finance Committee

Chairmen: Mr Calvin K W Chan
  Mr Warren Y L Sun
Members Dr Ma Kai Yum
  Mr Robert P K Lok
  Dr Ellis W H Wong
  Mr Ng Ching Wun

Functions of Committee

  • Provide guidance on memberships affairs such as recruitment, administration and services;
  • Study the strategies for the Council' s long-term development.

Members of Strategic Development Committee

Chairman: Dr Ellis W H Wong
Vice Chairmen Mr Calvin K W Chan, MH
  Dr Ma Kai Yum Warren
  Mr Robert P K Lok
  Mr Ng Ching Wun
  Mr Warren Y L Sun
  Mr Charles Ng
Members Mr Eric Lee
  Ms Jaclyn Ngan
  Mr Wong Cheung Chi, Thomas
  Mr Johnny K W Li
  Mr Cheung Ching Fung
  Ms Susanna Ng
  Ms Lin Nan Sze, Alida
  Ms Diana Wong
  Mr Wong Kai Hung, Kelvin
  Mr Fu Sing Yam, William
  Mr Kevin Orr
  Ms Eva Chan
  Mr Donald Tse
  Mr Jerry Chong