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“Hong Kong.IN.Brand Greater Bay” Strategies and Experience Sharing Seminar 2023

The Hong Kong Brand Development Council hosted a seminar under the banner of “Branding@GBA: Strategies and Experience Sharing 2023” on 25 April 2023.

The Seminar started with a speech by Dr Sherriff Luk, Professor of Marketing of Emlyon Business School, who summarised the findings of the GBA consumer survey and the corporate case studies conducted by the BDC, followed by insightful recommendations on the effective branding strategies for harnessing the emerging trends of GBA market. Then Mr Simon Wong , BBS, JP, Chairman of the Kampery Development Limited and founder of “KamCha ” illustrated how this Hong Kong-style milk tea brand stroke success on Mainland’s domestic sales market; and the third speaker, Mr Jeffrey Chu, Founder and Director of You Find Ltd, shed light on the impacts of ChatGPT on brand promotion. At last, Mr Roc Leung, Chairman of Dongjia Granary Health Industry Co., Ltd, shared the success story of “Dongjia Granary”, a brand leader from Guangdong Province specialising in Dried Aged Tangerine Peel.

After delivering welcome remarks at the beginning of the Seminar, Chairman of the BDC Dr Eward Chan, together with the Vice Chairman of the BDC Dr Lo Kam Wing, JP and Dr Ellis Wong, presented a souvenirs to the speakers. Dr Wong also moderated a Q&A session to bring the Seminar to a close.

“Branding@GSP: Strategies and Experience Sharing Seminar 2023” was conducted online and offline simultaneously, with an audience of near 120 participants in total.

The Seminar at the same time was the concluding session of a large-scale brand promotion and research project namely “Organising ‘Hong Kong.IN.Brand Greater Bay’ serial activities to promote Hong Kong brands’ collective image” (Brand Greater Bay Project), under the sponsorship of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government. Through a series of brand image-building, promotion and consumer engagement activities supplemented by multi-location, multi-dimensional market research and business strategy profiling, the Project aimed to provide a holistic platform to support Hong Kong companies aspiring to “deep plow” the Chinese domestic market, especially helping them to keep abreast of the rapidly-changing consumption culture in the Greater Bay Area and to uplift brand image and market influence in the Region.




Moving Quick-smart: Brand Strategies to Harness the Emerging Trends of GBA Market

(Speaker: Dr Sherriff Luk, Professor of Marketing of Emlyon Business School)

Brand “IN” GBA: Making “KamCha ” Milk Tea a Cup of Chic

(Speaker: Wong Ka Wo, Simon, BBS, JP, Chairman of The Kampery Development Limited)

New Era of Intelligent Branding: From Search Engine Marketing to ChatGPT

(Speaker: Mr Jeffrey Chu, Founder and Director of You Find Ltd)

Brand “IN” GBA: “Dongjia Granary” and the New Voyage of Centuries-old “Chenpi”

(Speaker: Mr Roc Leung, Chairman of Dongjia Granary Health Industry Co., Ltd)

Download "Effective Branding in Greater Bay Area Company Case Study Report"

Download the Report of “Study on the Attitude towards Hong Kong Brands and Purchasing Behaviour of Greater Bay Area Consumers”