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Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Festival

Introduction of Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week

Under the sponsorship of the SME Development Fund, the BDC is implementing the "Assisting Hong Kong Brands and Products to Explore Central China Market Through Organizing 'Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week' Serial Activities" Project, with the CMA Exhibition Services Limited acting as the Implementation Agent and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong as Collaborating Organization. This 10-month Project commenced on November 2011.

Project Summary

Hong Kong companies especially SMEs have quickened their pace in developing China's domestic market after the Financial Tsunami, in an attempt to open up new avenue to business growth and to mitigate the impacts of slow recovery in traditional export markets notably the US and the Europe. As a recent survey by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong reveals, while South China and East China are approaching market saturation, Central China has emerged as a new focal point for Hong Kong companies to deploy their product outlets. Bedsides, in developing domestic sales business, many Hong Kong companies tend to opt for cost-effective and time-saving strategies like cooperating with Mainland distributors and participating in exhibitions and fairs.

In line with these trends, this Project stages a promotional campaign under the theme of "Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week", aiming to promote the collective image of Hong Kong brands and products and to help the industries especially SMEs to better understand the domestic market and explore business opportunities in the Mainland particularly Central China. It features a series of diversified activities that tie in with the current needs of Hong Kong SMEs, including a training workshop and an experience sharing seminar with emphasis on the strategies and practices of Hong Kong brands in exploring Chinese market; a showcase gallery at the "2012 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo, Wuhan" (the Expo) to display the brands and products of selected Hong Kong companies, accompanied by a questionnaire survey on visitors with an eye to understanding the preferences of local consumers; and a business networking meeting to facilitate the business matching between Hong Kong brands and Mainland distributors.

Project Deliverables

  1. A specially-designed and decorated showcase gallery to be set up at the "2012 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo, Wuhan" during 28 April to 2 May 2012 to display the representative products and/or information of selected Hong Kong brands and SMEs, as a window to demonstrate the latest development of Hong Kong brands and to promote the high quality and superior image of Hong Kong products.

  2. A questionnaire survey conducted at the Expo to gather views of the visitors, in particular consumers' preferences and their perception of Hong Kong brands and products, with an eye to collecting first-hand information for Hong Kong companies' references.

  3. A business networking meeting to be held in Wuhan, whereby Hong Kong brand operators and SMEs could meet and explore cooperation with Mainland distributors and other potential business partners, especially those from Central China

  4. A one-day training workshop (7-hour) delivered in Hong Kong, where professionals and practitioners with domain expertise will share with SMEs on the knowledge and practices related to branding and development of domestic market.

  5. A 3-hour concluding seminar hosted in Hong Kong to announce findings of the survey on Wuhan consumers, which would also serve as a forum for professionals and representatives from local companies to share experience and exchange views in regard to domestic sales.

  6. A publicity and advertising campaign to be mounted by stages via the media of Hong Kong and Wuhan as well as at the Expo, in tandem with the activities of "Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week".

  7. A set of promotional materials, e.

  8. Regular updates about the serial activities of the Project to be broadcasted through the websites of the Organizer and the Expo.


All project activities are free-of-charge and we welcome SMEs to participate.

Download the Promotional Leaflet of "Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week"


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