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“Effective Branding in Greater Bay Area” Company Case Study Report

In order to assist Hong Kong industries to ride on the growth of GBA, the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (the BDC) and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (the CMA) have joined hands in implementing a large-scale brand promotion and research project namely “Organising ‘Hong Kong.IN.Brand Greater Bay’ serial activities to promote Hong Kong brands’ collective image” (Brand Greater Bay Project), under the sponsorship of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government. Through a series of brand image-building, promotion and consumer engagement activities supplemented by multi-location, multi-dimensional market research and business strategy profiling, the Project aims to provide a holistic platform to support Hong Kong companies aspiring to “deep plow” the domestic market, especially helping them to keep abreast of the rapidly-changing consumption culture in the Greater Bay Area.

As a major deliverable of the Project, the BDC and the CMA commissioned a professional research team to conduct case study analysis on several Hong Kong and Guangdong brands with substantial operation in the GBA, in an attempt to analyse and document their real-life experience in developing domestic sales and building brands in the regional market. By placing emphasis on the overview of the current market environment, trends of technological development, as well as business models and promotion strategies of interviewed companies, this study has made particular efforts to establish role models and conceptualise their success factors as well as practical know-how pertinent to Greater Bay Area; and insightful suggestions have been put forward for Hong Kong companies’ reference, which particularly shed light on the effective strategies to enter the market and promote brands in the GBA.

(For a full report, please refer to the Chinese version 「大灣區品牌制勝謀略企業案例研究報告」)

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