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Training Workshop on “Branding and Domestic Sales 2013”

In order to equip local SMEs with knowledge of brand management and China marketing, the BDC joined force with the Trade and Industry Department of the HKSAR Government, the CMA and the China Business Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in organizing a free-of-charge four-day training workshop from 21 to 29 October. With over 70 SME participants, the serial workshop was delivered in the form of theoretical review, case studies as well as group discussion. The lectures were mainly given by Dr Sherriff Luk, Training Director of the China Business Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, whereas several brand experts including Mr Simon Lee, Project Director of WiseNet Consulting Limited; Dr. Ben S. Liu, Professor of Marketing of Quinnipiac University; Mr Angus Wong, Brand Consultant & Chief Designer of Angus Wong Design Limited; and Mr Kenneth Yuen, Associate Consultant of Brand Strategy and Innovation Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University were also invited to share on related topics such as brand strategies, market trend analysis, Chinese consumer behavior, market segmentation, on-line brand building, challenges and opportunities of service brands




Download the PowerPoint of “What is a Brand”

Download the PowerPoint of “Chinese Consumer Behavior”

Download the PowerPoint of “Brand Design and Management,”

Download the PowerPoint of “On-line Brand Building”

Download the PowerPoint of “Brand Strategies: Process, Market Trend Analysis”

Download the PowerPoint of “Brand STP”

Download the PowerPoint of “Challenges and Opportunities of Service Brands”

Download the PowerPoint of “Case Study: Skyworth’s Brand Strategies