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Seminar on “Building Up Intellectual Property Soft Power”

Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (BDC) and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the Seminar on “Building Up Intellectual Property Soft Power” was held on April 7, with International Union of Professional Development Institutions acting as the supporting organisation.

The Seminar started with a speech by Mr Joseph Chow, Legal Advisor of BDC, who dissected on the common seven mistakes in trademark registration; followed by Mr Anthony Tong, Deputy Chairman of the Copyright Tribunal and Managing Partner of Robin Bridge & John Liu Solicitors & Notaries, who shed light on the intellectual property aspect of “Belt & Road” Initiative. In the second part of the Seminar, T.W. Liu, Vice President of Engineering Doctorate Society of the City University of Hong Kong, elaborated on how to make use of IP strategies to develop products; while Mr Wang Hu, Partner of Wan Hui Da Law Firm shared with the audience several case studies to illustrate how to realize the value of intellectual property. The Seminar received overwhelming response, attracting about 60 participants.




Download PowerPoint of “Intellectual Property Issues about ‘One Belt One Road’” (Mr Anthony Tong)  
(Chinese version only)
Download PowerPoint of “IP Strategies for Developing Products” (Dr T.W. Liu)
Download PowerPoint of “Case Sharing: How to Realize the Value of Intellectual Property” (Mr Wang Hu) 
(Chinese version only)