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Uncovering the Myth of Building Brands Forum

Brand management is the most talked about business issue right now. Not only are multinationals keen on branding, but small and medium enterprises also follow suit. However, some companies have mistaken branding to be partly advertising plus a series of independent promotions. That is why whenever there is an economic downturn, the branding budgets are always among the first to be cut.


To let entrepreneurs understand the essential concepts behind branding, HKU SPACE and the Hong Kong Brand Development Council jointly presented "Uncovering the myth of building brands" Forum on 18 September 2009. The forum was hosted by Ms Melanie Lee, Adjunct Assistant Professor, HKU SPACE and three top branding gurus in town were invited to share their insights and experiences on brand management. Over 200 managers, marketing and brand promotion professionals partook the event.

Dr. Royce Yuen, Chairman, Ogilvy Group Hong Kong; Chairman, The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong:

"The power of the internet poses a major challenge to marketers. It just takes one click to pass a message to everybody on earth. Word-of-mouth now becomes word-of-mouse. User reviews uploaded on websites are quicker and more powerful in influencing consumption behaviour than any campaign marketers have under their sleeves."

Ms Viveca Chan, Chairman and CEO, WE Marketing Group:

"A successful brand makes a lasting impression on consumers' mind. They are then more willing to spend time on understanding the brand’s product or service, the concept behind and even to pay for its service or product. Despite branding campaigns come in different guises, there are only six secret tricks to impress the audience – simplicity; surprise; concreteness; trustworthiness; emotional poignancy and a strong storyline."

Mr. Stephen Chan, a veteran in broadcasting and communications:

"The success of TVB is not a result of habitual viewing patterns, but because of its discerning vision in market positioning and its branding strategy which take full advantage of the company's grand stature. In the early years, to highlight our competitiveness in terms of wireless broadcast, we were called 無綫, meaning literally 'wireless' in Chinese. As we now step into a new era of digital high-definition broadcast, we build our brand as TVB to update our image to the digital age. In the past 40 years, every change that TVB has made has proven to be a decision with incredible foresight. It consistently took the lead before any other competitor spotted the chance, both in terms of strategic development and programme production. That's why it is a successful brand."