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Starting from 2010, the BDC has joined force with HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) in presenting “Best Brand Idea Award”. The Award selects outstanding brand proposals formulated by students of the Executive Certificate in Strategic Brand Management, a joint Programme of the BDC and HKU SPACE. The Organisers believe that this Award, while serving as a tool to test the teaching effectiveness and to promote the integration of theory and practice, would help to enhance Hong Kong’s brand research, enrich the related knowledge reserve, and boost the brand awareness among the public.

In the competition, programme students are divided into groups; each group shall submit a proposal and is required to make a presentation to the judging panel. The judging is primarily based on the presentation skills of students as well as the contents of the brand proposal, with emphasis on a bevy of factors such as “If the plan would increase the brand value”, “If the plan is strategic, realistic and executable”, “If the plan has creative idea”, and “If the plan has commercial value”.