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Time of Establishment



MaxiPro (Asia) Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Top Brand (2021)

Main Product(s)

Pet Food (Canned Food, Dry Food, Snacks)

"Top Mark" Registered Categories

Pet Food (Canned Food)


5/F, Fortune Industrial Building, 35 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel No.

2328 8626

Fax No.

2328 8102



Wits for Win

With great emphasis on pet health, Kakato is dedicated to providing no-flavouring, additive-free, high-quality pet food, so that "furkids" could "eat healthily and grow up happily" — Dr April Fong, General Manager of MaxiPro (Asia) Limited.

Company Profile

MaxiPro (Asia) Limited was founded in 2007 by Dr April Fong, who is enthusiastic about promoting advanced pet-care concepts. Through professional channels such as veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and pet shops, MaxiPro provides premium quality products including Kakato canned pet food with high meat content and a variety of premium pet healthcare products to pet owners in Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, with an aim to let pets "eat healthily and grow up happily".

Track of Glory

"Kakato" means delicious in New Zealand Maori language. The Brand's premium pet food embodies three core elements, i.e. natural taste, high-quality ingredients and a level of quality that is suitable for human consumption. Since 2010, Kakato has accompanied many "furkids" to grow up together. Its products are well-received by pet owners and pet shops, and its non-prescription canned pet food are extensively used and highly recommended by veterinarians in Hong Kong. Kakato is one of the few pet food brands that has obtained "Halal" certification.

Kakato is keen on innovation and has launched the world's largest "1880g canned pet food suitable for both cats and dogs", with various series covering more than 30 flavours, 20 of which are unique to the Brand. For example, "Lobster with Cheese" delivers an exceptional taste, "Simmered Chicken with Fish Maw & Goji Berries" provides rich collagen; "Simmered Duck with Goji Berries" offers rich vitamins and dietary minerals; etc. Kakato was appointed as the first designated pet food brand for private jet starting from 2017.

As an enthusiastic advocate for building a harmonious society for pets and humans, Kakato is dedicated to supporting related social welfare activities. After launching "Kakato Animal Bus" in 2012; it established "Kakato Veterinary Scholarships" in 2016, "Kakato Animal Food Bank" in 2020, and "Kakato Animal Furdel Awards" in 2022. Kakato also provided sponsorships for a number of charity organisations and events including "Caring for Animals, Respect for Life" microfilm charity premiere organised by SPCA, "The Gibbon's Life in the Treetops" Exhibition and "Nature Hikeathon & Treasure Hunt @KFBG" by Kadoorie Farm, NPV Non-Profit Making Mobile Veterinarian Clinic, and "Kakato x NPV Men-Dog Orienteering Race".