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This section is an expert from the Project’s final report by collecting the case studies on the 20 winners of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards. These analyses would provide insights into the Awardees’ winning strategies, especially the enablers behind the success in branding and the substantiators that have made these brands growing from strength to strength.

Company Name Brandname Best Practice
Product Development:
Chun Au Kitting Factory Ltd Chicks Product Lining
China Painting Manufactory Co (1946) Ltd Flower Product Lining
Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Ltd Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Product/Corporate Image Renewal
Lamex Trading Co Ltd Lamex User-centered Product and Services
Neil Pryde Limited Neil Pryde Price Leader/ Brand Equity
Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory (HK) Limited Nin Jiom Product Differentiation
Business Strategy:
Aqua Pure Distilled Water Co Ltd Aqua Pure Business Diversification
Eu Yan Sang (HK) Ltd Eu Yan Sang Search for Authenticity
Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd Goodway OBM & Global Management
Kampery Development Ltd Dai Pai Dong Quality Assurance at Psychological Level
L. K. Machinery Co Ltd L K Demand Driven & Customer Relation Management
Ling Nam Medicine Factory (HK) Ltd Ling Nam Multi Supply Chain Management
Mutual Prosper Co Ltd German Tops Market Driving
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd Wai Yuen Tong Franchise
Lee Kum Kee Co Ltd Lee Kum Kee Cultural Networking
Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg.(HK) Ltd Long Far Brand Promotion
Seven Sea Chemicals (Holdings) Ltd Sea Horse Market Segamentation
Tung Fong Hung Medicine Co. Ltd Tung Fong Hung Market Intelligence
Human Resource Management:
Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd Hung Fook Tong Social Management Approach
Information System Management
Lam Soon (HK) Ltd Knife Brand / Axe /
Red Lantern / Golden Statue
Organization Viability/ Intelligence System