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Time of Establishment



Happypaws International Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Emerging Brand (2022)

Main Product(s)

Pet Foods


22/F, Tower B, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel No.

2953 1597



Track of Glory

Since the establishment, Brabanconne has been focusing on the fundamental needs of dogs and cats at different life stages, with an aim to provide them with suitable nutritional solutions. "All start from pet health", Brabanconne believes that any pet food should not base on human subjective preferences, but only for pet's health needs.

Based on research and development, Brabanconne products are developed according to Asian environment with pet's growth and lifestage, eating habits, and physical fitness taken into consideration; and the formulae were carefully selected by Veterinary Surgeon Dr Anita Young, a researcher on comprehensive drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases, in cooperation with nutritionists. Brabanconne also provides guidance and consultation to pet owners, with an eye to promoting consumer education and gathering feedbacks on product development. Brabanconne products are manufactured in Belgium with high-quality natural ingredients from Europe. Subject to strict inspection, they are human-grade, free from any harmful substances, and have achieved the EU "HACCP" ingredient standard as well as the FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) certification.

With some 500 sales points in Hong Kong, Brabanconne has appointed more than 50 agents in various Mainland cities and stepped up presence in over 1,500 pet stores. It started to operate a Tmall store in 2021 and invited local Internet celebrities to assist in the promotion. Brabanconne also actively participates in exhibitions like "Pet Fair Asia", in an attempt to enhance communications with industry representatives from around the world.