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Time of Establishment



Holistol International Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Top Brand (2005), Hong Kong Premier Brand (2008), Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award (2014)

Main Product(s)

Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen, G Spore Lipids, G Spore Propolis, G Spore Cordyceps Yunzhi, G Spore Lipids DHA

"Top Mark" Registered Categories

Chinese Medicine Healthcare Product (Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen), Healthcare Dietary Supplement (Ganoderma Spore Lipids; Ganoderma Spore Propolis; Ganoderma Spore Cordyceps Yunzhi; Ganoderma Spore Lipids DHA; Specialty — Vessel, Urine, Probiotic, Intestine, Heart)


Unit D, 6/F, Kai Centre, 36 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel No.

2688 2036

Fax No.

2699 2036



Wits for Win

2036 is devoted to pursuing good health on the basis of continuous research and development of high-quality health products. It collaborates with renowned medical institutions and universities in many countries such as China, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

Company Profile

The founders of Holistol International Limited have been pursuing researches on ganoderma spore for years and have developed the concept of ganoderma spore as a powerful neuro-endocrino-immuno modulator. "2036" products are currently distributed via many big retail chain stores with over 300 outlets, and they have got the highest consumption incidence in the Hong Kong market. Leveraging on its past experiences, Holistol has successfully developed a new series of health supplements, "2036 Specialty", in an attempt to bring good health to city dwellers.

Track of Glory

Holistol International Limited is a pioneer in introducing ganoderma spore products into Hong Kong, striving to develop natural health products with good efficacy and no toxicity. 2036 has become a symbol of quality and excellent efficacy, and it has established ganoderma plantation and set up self-owned production sites. Its production facility has been accredited as "Food Safety Demonstration Units of Health Food Division" by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, in recognition of its high standard of performance.

Since establishment, the Company has kept donating products to patients who suffer from serious diseases like cancer, and such sponsorship has brought along word of mouth. While directing resources to promote the public awareness of health, 2036 has introduced some famous spokespersons with positive and healthy public images and established the "2036 Health Club", enabling its products to successfully penetrate into the mass market. 

2036 has established its leading position in the health supplement market. With good reputation and high-quality products, 2036 has gained a number of recognitions including "Hong Kong Top Brand Award" in 2005, "Hong Kong Premier Brand Award" in 2008, "STC Tested Mark" since 2008, "Capital Weekly PRO Choice Award 2012 — Health Product Category"; and it was honoured with "Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award" in 2014, "Hong Kong Star Brand Award" from 2015 to 2019 and "Junzi Corporation Award" in 2019. 2036 is also a popular brand in the Mainland market and was awarded "Hong Kong Merchants of Integrity Award (HealthCare)" by "Guangzhou Daily" in 2007 and 2008.