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Award Arrangement

The 2017 Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards will select winners of "Hong Kong Premier Service Brand" and “Hong Kong Top Service Brand” from “veteran entries” and “new comer entries” respectively”. The number of “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” and “Hong Kong Top Service Brand” will be at the discretion of the Judging Panel and is capped at 10 for each level.

The 2017 Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards will present “Ten Year Achievement Award” to selected past Awardees who have demonstrated persistent commitment to branding and sustained outstanding performance for years. To be eligible, candidate of this honorary award should be a winner of “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” and it has been conferred the title of “Hong Kong Top Service Brand” for at least ten years (the winning year inclusive)

Winner of the above award streams will receive a trophy and certificate, as a memento of achievement.


The Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong are the co-organisers of the Awards (The Organiser). The Public Polling of the Awards is also an important activity in tandem with the 51st Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE), which tentatively will be held from 16 December, 2017 to 8 January, 2018 at the Victoria Park, Hong Kong.

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Special Acknowledgement


Final Judging Panel of Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards comprises:

Dr Bernard Chan Pak-li, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development, Hong Kong SAR Government (Chairman of Judging Panel)

Mr Simon Wong, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Hong Kong Brand Development Council

Prof Timothy Tong, JP, President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr Peter Lam, GBS, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board

Mr Yuen Mo, GBS, JP, Vice Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Mr Winston Chow, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Retail Management Association

Miss Shirley Yuen, CEO of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce


Main Awards
(Applicable to “Hong Kong Top Service Brand” and “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand”)

  1. Companies wishing to enter the competition should indicate the award category and complete the corresponding “Entry Form” for submission to the Organiser.
  2. Participating companies should, upon the request of the Organiser, provide complete, accurate and objective information about the entry brand, together with relevant materials such as service description, photographs, catalogues, technical drawings and samples, if appropriate. Such information and materials as well as the signed original copy of “Entry Form“ should be submitted to the Organiser no later than 31 August, 2017.
  3. Entrants should report to the Organiser regarding  the services under the entry brand and submit major service categories (at least one item) for pre-registration with “Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme”, and it should provide due assistance to the Organiser in conducting On-site Assessment.
  4. Entrants selected as candidates for Final Judging will be required to give a presentation (about 10 minutes) to the Judging Panel.
  5. All admission fees are waived, but entrants should share part of the On-site Assessment fees, normally at HK$3,000 per service category. Company entering the Final Judging should also pay HK$22,000 (if it is a Corporate Member of the BDC or an exhibitor of the 52nd HKBPE) or HK$24,000 (if it is not a BDC member nor an exhibitor), to cover part of the costs of promotional activities as well as the production of displaying board and webpage.  

“Hong Kong Top Service Brand Ten Year Achievement Award”

  1. Candidates for the “Hong Kong Top Service Brand Ten Year Achievement Award” should be nominated by the Organisers in writing in July, 2017. As per the requirements of the Organisers and with reference to the judging criteria, the nominee should provide information to give a brief overview of brand development and achievements over the recent ten years to the Organisers by 31 August, 2017. The Hong Kong Top Brand Assessment Board should decide on the list of winners at the Preliminary Judging (20 November, 2017) of Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards.




July to 31 Aug 2017

Preliminary Screening:

20 Nov 2017

Final Judging:

  • Public Polling
    • HKBPE On-site Polling : 16 Dec 2017 to 6 Jan  2018
  • Judging by Judging Panelist
    • Final Judging on 9 Jan 2018
    • Entrants selected as candidates for Final Judging will be required to give a presentation (about 10 minutes) to the Judging Panel.

Awards Presentation Ceremony

The Presentation Ceremony-cum-Gala Dinner of 2017 Hong Kong Top Brand Awards, Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards and Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards will be held on the evening of 1 February, 2018, at Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, to be officiated by Financial Secretary The Honourable Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP and top officials of the HKSAR Government.

HKBPE visitors to "The 52nd Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo" (HKBPE) can cast a vote by using the attachment slip of the entry ticket. The voting dates are from 16 December 2017 to 6 January 2018.

People that cast a vote successfully will be entitled to a lucky draw automatically to win Grand Prize.


TVC for Brand Awards


The Hong Kong Brand Development Council launched a TV commercial. Based on the storyline of “a call for branding heroes”, the TVC naturally and innovatively brings out the salient characteristics and key success factors of Hong Kong Top Brand, i.e. Reputation, Quality, Creativity, Social Responsibility and Image. It also employs movie shooting techniques with a mysterious touch to create sensual impacts, so as to highlight the authoritativeness and superiority of the Hong Kong Top Brand Awards.

The TV commercial is broadcasted on MTR station platfom TV and “YouTube” in July and August.

2017 Promotional Video of the Awards