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Clarity Medical Group

Time of Establishment



Saintford Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Top Service Brand (2018)

Main Service(s)


"Top Mark" Registered Categories

Eye Examination, Eye Care & Treatment (Cataract, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, Amblyopia, Dry Eye, Floaters, Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma, SMILE, LASIK, Implantable Contact Lens, BRIGHT Vision), Children Myopia Control, Other Eye Care & Treatments


Flat 1303, 13/F, 9 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel No.

3188 9000

Fax No.

2801 5933



Wits for Win

Adhering to the core value of “We make our patients proud”, Clarity Medical Group is dedicated to providing high-quality eye-care service and customer experience and it has become one of the leading eye-care experts in Hong Kong.

Company Profile

Saintford Limited provided professional eye-care services in the name of “Hong Kong LASIK” after it was founded in 2005; and it went through a rebranding process and adopted the new brand name “Clarity Medical Group” in 2015. The Group currently runs 2 medical centres located in Central and Mongkok respectively, which are well-equipped with advanced ophthalmic examination instruments and surgical equipment, providing comprehensive eye examination, treatment and surgical services. By dint of the hard work of ophthalmologists, optometrists and nurses, Clarity Medical Group has become one of most competitive eye-care service providers in Hong Kong.

Track of Glory

Clarity Medical Group is committed to constantly optimising management and operation. Apart from introducing cutting-edge eye examination and surgical instruments from all over the world, it often dispatches doctors to attend international conferences, so as to exchange the latest information and technology on treatment with ophthalmologists from different countries.

The Group attaches great importance to customer service. Every client would be accompanied by a customer service specialist whenever they are waiting, having examination and undergoing surgery; and they are welcome to express opinions through customer service hotline so that the Group could better understand the performance of frontline employees. Clarity Medical became the first of its kind in Hong Kong having attained “ISO 9001:2015” quality management system certification in 2018.

Clarity Medical Group values communications and encourages customers and employees to voice their opinions, which helps enhance employees' morale and work efficiency, while raising service quality and customer satisfaction; and it is committed to improving employee benefits, such as shortening the work cycle from 5.5 days to 5 days. The Group's leading market position and sustained efforts in brand building have led to a number of accolades such as “2018 Hong Kong Top Service Brand” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, “Service Awards (LASIK Centre)” by “Capital Weekly” and “Outstanding Brand Awards” by “Economic Digest”.